The commemorative paper plate Art collection by :
Unique original artwork on a paper plate.

You may be lucky enough to find a plate on a bus, tram, train or pub in Sheffield or Rotherham as I leave them lying around as public art.



Cilla Black

on Ebay now: Ebay?



Leonard Nimoy/Spock

on Ebay now: Ebay?



Stephen Fry at the BAFTA s


Anne Kirkbride/Deirdre Barlow


The Deirdre Barlow polystyrene cup


Pope benedict xvi


Peter Falk/Columbo


Alex Higgins


Margaret Thatcher colour Plate

Keith Floyd

Frank Sidebottom/Chris Sievey


The demolition of Tinsley Cooling Towers


Michael Jackson


HRH Queen Elizabeth II


Patrick Swayze


Margaret (Maggie) Thatcher line


President Obama